Sponsor a Camper

For youth from economically-challenged homes, the opportunity to enjoy a carefree summer spent learning and playing outdoors might be an impossible dream. The Aldo Leopold Nature Center invites you to help give these children respite from the reality of their daily struggles and empower them with a connection to the natural world with a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to attend summer camp through The Campfire Fund Scholarship Program.

Help give Dane County’s most deserving children a summer they will always remember, and one that will provide them with a source of happiness and hope for their futures.  It costs $35 for a half day session, $157 for one week of half day sessions, or $335 to send a child to full day camp for a week.  Thank you for making a difference in these children’s lives today.

Click here to make a donation to The Campfire Fund Scholarship Program.

Click here to donate to The Campfire Fund Scholarship Program.


Aldo Leopold Nature Center