summer camps

Summer Camps

Explorers (7-9 year olds) 2017

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  • HALF DAY (Monday- Thursday) OPTIONS

–  Full Week Package (includes Lunch Bunch*): $325 ($260 for week of July 4th)
–  Half Day (Monday – Thursday) Session:
$120 (*$90 for week of July 4th)
–  Half Day (Friday) Session: $30
–  Lunch Bunch* (Monday – Thursday): $40
–  Lunch Bunch* (Friday only): $10.00
–  Extended Day: Runs from 8:00-9:00am (New for 2017!) and 4-5:30pm each day. You can drop off and pick up your child anytime within those windows. Activities during Extended Day include free choice of arts and crafts, reading, games, and/or additional outdoor time.     

  • Child– AM & PM: M-F = $100
  • Child– AM only: M-F = $40
  • Child– PM only: M-F = $60
  • Child– AM only: Mon-Thur. = $32
  • Child– PM only: Mon-Thur. = $48
  • Child– AM & PM: Friday = $20
  • Child– AM only: Friday = $8
  • Child– PM only: Friday = $12**

* ALNC does not provide a lunch. We provide a morning and afternoon snack.
**Call (608)-216-9370 for pro-rated pricing for Extended Day single days other than Fridays ($8.00 AM; $12.00 PM).

FULL WEEK PACKAGE: $325/session
Full week packages include E, F, K, & L camps for the corresponding week plus Lunch Bunch.
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1Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  June 12-16   
Week 1 Extended Day         
2Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  June 19-23
Week 2 Extended Day
3Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  June 26-30
Week 3 Extended Day
4Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 3-7* (no camp on Tuesday, July 4)
Week 4 Extended Day
5Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 10–14
Week 5 Extended Day
6Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 17–21
Week 6 Extended Day
7Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 24–28
Week 7 Extended Day
8Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 31-August 4
Week 8 Extended Day
9Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 7–11
Week 9 Extended Day
10Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 14–18
Week 10 Extended Day
11Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 21–25
Week 11 Extended Day
12Q. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 28-Sept 1
Week 12 Extended Day

HALF DAY OPTIONS (Monday – Thursday): $120/session
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1E. GETTING TO KNOW ALDO    June 12-15    9am-12pm
If you like to go fishing, or hiking, or camping, then you share something in common with Aldo Leopold! Join us as we learn about Aldo and natural resources while participating in some of his favorite activities.

1F. BORN TO BE WILD    June 12-15    1pm-4pm
Get ready for this fur-lined adventure. Humans share the characteristics of mammals, yet are also very different from the mammals we see in Wisconsin. We will learn about magnificent mammals and some of their unique adaptations.

June 12-15 Lunch Bunch  |  June 12-15 Extended Day

2E. MINE CRAFTERS    June 19-22    9am-12pm
Digging, building & trading!  The ALNC grounds are a blank slate for us to create and design on.  We’ll collect resources from the land, use them or trade to get things we need.  Don’t be too risky!  What you create is limited only by your own imagination!

2F. THE TREE IS FOR ME    June 19-22    1pm-4pm
Trees are more than making paper and tables. They provide homes for a variety of animals, big and small. We will learn about the importance of trees for animals and why they are the high-rises of the natural world.

June 19-22 Lunch Bunch  |  June 19-22 Extended Day

3E. LET’S GROW   June 26-29    9am-12pm
There is a lot of work to be done in the garden this time of year. We will spend some time tilling the soil, learning about suitable plants, and planting in our garden and greenhouse. Then we will get to watch the plants grow all summer long!

3F. MUCKIN’ IN THE MARSH   June 26-29    1pm-4pm
Put on your muckin’ shoes and follow us through the marsh in search of cattails and heron wails. Our marsh is filled with great blue herons, muskrats, frogs, toads, ducks, geese and even fox—we’ll discover them all! Please wear sturdy shoes that can get wet and bring a change of clothes.    

June 26-29 Lunch Bunch  |  June 26-29 Extended Day

4E. MY SIDE OF THE DRUMLIN  July 3-6*    9am-12pm
Learn some of the skills Sam Gribley uses to survive in Jean Craighead George’s well known book, My Side of the Mountain! Practice fire and shelter building, and identifying local edible plants. Experience life on our side of the drumlin!

4F. THRILLS & CHILLS    July 3-6*    1pm-4pm
Illuminate the dark places of our world as we go cave dwelling to discover what kinds of unique animals are found in caves and other dark places. We’ll learn about stalactites, stalagmites, cave paintings and cave-dwelling creatures.

July 3-6 Lunch Bunch  |   July 3-6 Extended Day
*No programming on July 4th

5E. HAWK-WARTS   July 10-13    9am-12pm
Calling all muggles!  Meet us at platform nine and three quarters for a thrilling adventure at Hawkwarts! During this Harry Potter themed camp, we’ll discover some of ALNC’s magical beasts, create potions using science, discover herbology in the prairie, and maybe even play a game of Quiddich!

5F. THE GREAT OUTDOORS   July 10-13    1pm-4pm
Learn how to create a base camp, set up a tent, start a fire and cook in the outdoors! We’ll hang bear bags, assemble and use mess kits, go on a hike, learn basic knot tying and how to plan a camping trip using “Leave No Trace” principles. Bring your swimsuit and enjoy a solar shower!

July 10-13 Lunch Bunch  |  July 10-13 Extended Day

6E. WILD WISCOVERY  July 17-20    9am-12pm
There won’t be any cows at this camp, but it will be a badger bash! Discover why Wisconsin is the badger state, learn all about the special plants, animals and trees that call Wisconsin their home and the symbols for our state. We’ll explore a different aspect each day and make a Wisconsin field guide to carry with you on all your local adventures!

6F. PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION    July 17-20    1pm-4pm
Come to the prairie where all the plants are tall, all the roots are deep and the insects are above average.  Help establish new prairies at ALNC, collect seeds and even get dressed up and partake in a buffalo stomp!

July 17-20 Lunch Bunch  |  July 17-20 Extended Day

7E. CAMPFIRE GOURMET    July 24-27    9am-12pm
What do you know about the wild edible plants in the forest and prairie? Can you create a scrumptious meal using raw ingredients and aluminum foil? From Dutch oven
masterpieces to quick, no-cook snacks, learn how to make many tasty treats for
the trail.

7F. SWOOP!    July 24-27   1-4pm
…there it is. Raptors are hovering right over here. Look out for the aerial fighters of the natural world. From Peregrine Falcons to eagles, there is a lot to learn about in this raptor filled camp!

July 24-27 Lunch Bunch |  July 24-27 Extended Day

8E. LAND ART    July 31-Aug 3    9am-12pm
The grass and trees are our canvas as we get creative making land art! Land art is all about exploring interesting places, the things you find in them, your own creative abilities and just having a whole load of fun!  Make leaf rainbows, natural self-portraits and whatever else inspires you.

8F. ULTIMATE SURVIVOR I   July 31-Aug 3    1pm-4pm
Do you have what it takes to survive? Each day we’ll have different challenges like shelter building, fire making, orienteering and relay races.  Win immunity and have a blast as your team strives to survive!

July 31-Aug 3 Lunch Bunch  |  July 31-Aug 3 Extended Day

9E. NUMBERS IN NATURE    August 7-10    9am-12pm
We’ll give you one reason to come today: Nature is “two” cool! There are numbers everywhere in nature, from the number of worms in a square foot of soil to the number of feet a frog can hop. Count on looking at nature from a new perspective.

9F. LIVING LIKE LAURA INGALLS    August 7-10    1pm-4pm
As Laura Ingalls lived and played on the banks of Plum Creek, she learned things that few children today know how to do. As a young child, she used Wisconsin’s woods, waters and prairies as her playground. Learn how you can have fun in these same places the way Laura did!

Aug 7-10 Lunch Bunch  |  Aug 7-10 Extended Day

10E. SCIENTIFIC ADVENTURES    August 14-17    9am-12pm
Explore various fields of science including ornithology, geology, ecology and limnology. We’ll learn how to use tools and equipment used by real scientists, such as water quality testing equipment, soil probes and binoculars.

10F. PIONEER WAGON TRAIN   August 14-17    1pm-4pm
This adventurous camp will test if you could be a pioneer traveling across the prairie! Load up your wagons and follow the wagon master! Share some Dutch oven grub from the chuckwagon and head out on an across-the-land adventure, but beware of bandits and other dangers. Wagons Ho!

Aug 14-17 Lunch Bunch  |   Aug 14-17 Extended Day

11E. ULTIMATE SURVIVOR II    August 21-24    9am-12pm
Back by popular demand– new challenges coming your way! Teams will work together to complete challenges such as raft building, outdoor puzzles & skills, cooperative challenges and more.  It’ll be a thrill!

11F. I SPEAK FOR THE TREES   August 21-24    1pm-4pm
 “For the trees have no tongues.” Dive into a world filled with Swomee-Swans, Humming-Fish, Bar-ba-loots and, of course, Truffula Trees! We will put on a performance of “The Lorax” while learning how we can protect nature as the Lorax taught.

Aug 21-24 Lunch Bunch  |  Aug 21-24 Extended Day

12E. PICTURING THE WORLD    August 28-31    9am-12pm
Do you like taking pictures of nature when you are on vacation? We will learn how to use iPads to take photographs and videos to help us capture a little slice of nature to share with others.

12F.  SPACE INVADERS    August 28-31    1pm-4pm
Invasive species– watch out! We don’t want you around! Learn about plants and animals that have found their way into Wisconsin and how we can help protect our environment against them.

Aug 28-31 Lunch Bunch  |  Aug 28-31 Extended Day

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1K. NOW YOU SEE ME…    June 16    9am-12pm
…Now you don’t! Some animals are really good at blending in and others try to stand out.  Learn all about camouflage and play an awesome game of cover in the woods.

1L. NATURAL DYEING    June 16    1pm-4pm
Natural plant dyes have provided color to clothing, crafts and even hair and bodies since ancient times. We will determine what colors can come from flowers, berries and grasses and make our very own craft to bring home.

June 16 Lunch Bunch   |  June 16 Extended Day

2K. SCAT-TER BRAINS   June 23    9am-12pm
Excrement is excellent!  This camp has never been dung before, but there’s a reason we’re offering it in week #2 ;).  From coprolites to trailside scat, learn the scoop on all things poop.

2L. HOOK, LINE, & SINKER    June 23    1pm-4pm
This camp is “reel”-y cool! We’ll tackle all about fish families, practice casting, learn to stock a tackle box and head outside for “catch and release” fishing in the pond. Let minnow if you want to come!

June 23 Lunch Bunch   |  June 23 Extended Day

3K. TOTALLY NUTS    June 30    9am-12pm
Going airborne takes some guts!  From woolies to pygmies, there are over 50 species of flying squirrels in the world.  We’ll get into the nuts and bolts of these critters as we test out our flying squirrel skills in an outdoor obstacle course.

3L. POP GOES THE WEASEL    June 30    1pm-4pm
Weasel your way into this camp!  It’s better than all the otters!  We’ll learn about the members of the Mustelid family that includes otters, wolverines, mink, fishers, pine martens & more.

June 30 Lunch Bunch   |  June 23 Extended Day

4K. A PRESSING ISSUE    July 7    9am-12pm
Hot off the presses! This camp is going to be a great read. First, we’ll learn how to make your own paper, and then we can use that paper for writing or drawing.

4L. GEOCACHING I    July 7    1pm-4pm
Join us for an outdoor adventure game where you’ll use a GPS to find “caches” hidden throughout the ALNC grounds. Learn how to navigate, search for hidden treasures, and observe the natural world while you wander.

July 7 Lunch Bunch   |  July 7 Extended Day

5K. SHAKE YOUR TAILFEATHERS   July 14    9am-12pm
Learn about plumage, camouflage and coloration in this cuckoo couture camp.  You won’t want to miss this! After learning how animals dress up and show off using nature as their stage, we’ll sketch, snip and stitch our own fashion designs based off nature’s runway.

5L. MISSION TO MARS    July 14    1pm-4pm
Travelers of the future, beware!  The “red planet” is not for the faint of heart!  It’s dry, rocky and cold, and it has the largest volcano in our solar system! Come join us for this martian adventure!

July 14 Lunch Bunch   |   July 14 Extended Day

6K. MIGHTY MICROBES   July 21    9am-12pm
This camp is very cultured!  Have you ever opened your fridge to see moldy cheese or bread? Don’t toss it—study it! We’ll bust out bacteria, scoop some SCOBYs and party with protozoa in this exploration of the unseen!

6L. SKULL & CROSSBONES    July 21    1pm-4pm
Arrrghhhh! Can you find the pirate’s gold hidden in the woods, wetland and prairie? The seas be rough, so we’ll have to use a treasure map to find where “X” marks the spot.  Ready yer riggin’ for high adventure and our famous treasure hunt.

July 21 Lunch Bunch   |  July 21 Extended Day

7K. THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER   July 28    9am-12pm
We will be very canid and to the point in this camp as we learn about the wild dogs of Wisconsin. From wolves to fox, we’ll have a howlin’ good time.

7L. CHECK MEOW-T   July 28    1pm-4pm
It’s a purr-fect afternoon to learn about the wild cats of Wisconsin! While elusive and hard to spot in nature, we have some fascinating wild cats in our state, which we will get to discover right about….meow!

July 28 Lunch Bunch   |  July 28 Extended Day

8K. I’M NOTHING WITHOUT YOU!    August 4    9am-12pm
Symbiotic relationships abound in nature. Work with us, not against us as we explore parasitism, mutualism and commensalism! From barnacles on whales to bees pollinating flowers, this camp is all about lending a helping hand, or branch, or root.

8L. KNOCK! KNOCK!    August 4    1pm-4pm
Who’s there? It’s me the woodpecker. Tap, tap, tap into this bird-ful camp as we learn about these fascinating birds that never seem to get a headache.

Aug 4 Lunch Bunch   |  Aug 4 Extended Day

9K. PIONEER GENERAL STORE    August 11    9am-12pm
From buttons to burlap, the ALNC General Store is stocked with everything a pioneer needs! We’ll complete our daily work to earn play pioneer money to purchase and barter for our daily essentials in The General Store!

9L. IT’S A GAS!    August 11    1pm-4pm
Laugh, laugh, laugh. It’s a gas. It’s not a liquid or a solid. It’s a gas! From the sun to the clouds to the ground and everywhere in between, we’ll experiment with and explore the many properties of gas.

Aug 11 Lunch Bunch   |  Aug 11 Extended Day

10K. GEOCACHING II    August 18    9am-12pm
Join us for another outdoor adventure game, using a GPS to find “caches” hidden throughout the ALNC grounds. Learn how to use a GPS, search for hidden treasures, and observe the natural world while you wander. (Similar activities to Geocaching I.)

10L. HOPPERS & PLOPPERS      August 18    1pm-4pm
Do you think you could jump as far as a frog? We will find out in this camp, while looking for these elusive amphibians hiding among the lily pads and duckweed in the pond.

Aug 18 Lunch Bunch   |   Aug 18 Extended Day

11K. MIGRATION MADNESS   August 25    9am-12pm
Many animals, such as birds, caribou and whales undergo great migrations. Imagine travelling from Alaska to Antarctica and back every year like the Arctic Tern! We are in for quite a trip!

11L. STICK WITH NATURE    August 25    1pm-4pm
Did you ever wonder how Velcro came to be? Nature inspires so many of the things we use every day. We’ll learn about and experiment with the natural items that inspire some of our modern conveniences.

Aug 25 Lunch Bunch   |   Aug 25 Extended Day

12K. S’MORE FUN    September 1    9am-12pm
Calling all chefs–let’s get sticky in a delicious mess and soak in the last day of summer. A glob of marshmallow, a pinch of outdoor adventure–what s’more could you ask for?! Learn the joys of making this delicious summer snack, get the fire ready for roasting and do some of your favorite camp activities.

12L. ROT IS HOT!    September 1    1pm-4pm
What happens when a tree falls in the woods? It decomposes! Let’s dig around in the dirt in search of decomposers. We will also learn about composting and leave with plans to start your own compost pile.

Sep 1 Lunch Bunch  |  Sep 1 Extended Day