summer camps

Summer Camps

Sprouts (4 year olds) 2017

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  • HALF DAY (Monday- Thursday) OPTIONS

–  Full Week Package (includes Lunch Bunch*): $325 ($260 for week of July 4th)
–  Half Day (Monday – Thursday) Session:
$120 (*$90 for week of July 4th)
–  Half Day (Friday) Session: $30
–  Lunch Bunch* (Monday – Thursday): $40
–  Lunch Bunch* (Friday only): $10.00
–  Extended Day: Runs from 8:00-9:00am (New for 2017!) and 4-5:30pm each day. You can drop off and pick up your child anytime within those windows. Activities during Extended Day include free choice of arts and crafts, reading, games, and/or additional outdoor time.     

  • Child– AM & PM: M-F = $100
  • Child– AM only: M-F = $40
  • Child– PM only: M-F = $60
  • Child– AM only: Mon-Thur. = $32
  • Child– PM only: Mon-Thur. = $48
  • Child– AM & PM: Friday = $20
  • Child– AM only: Friday = $8
  • Child– PM only: Friday = $12**

* ALNC does not provide a lunch. We provide a morning and afternoon snack.
**Call (608)-216-9370 for pro-rated pricing for Extended Day single days other than Fridays ($8.00 AM; $12.00 PM).

FULL WEEK PACKAGE: $325/session
Full week packages include A, B, G, and H camps for the corresponding week plus Lunch Bunch.
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1O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  June 12-16   
Week 1 Extended Day     
2O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  June 19-23
Week 2 Extended Day
3O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  June 26-30
Week 3 Extended Day
4O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 3-7* (no camp on Tuesday, July 4)
Week 4 Extended Day
5O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 10–14
Week 5 Extended Day
6O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 17–21
Week 6 Extended Day
7O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 24–28
Week 7 Extended Day
8O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 31-August 4
Week 8 Extended Day
9O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 7–11
Week 9 Extended Day
10O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 14–18
Week 10 Extended Day
11O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 21–25
Week 11 Extended Day
12O. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 28-Sept 1
Week 12 Extended Day

HALF DAY OPTIONS (Monday – Thursday): $120/session
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1A. LITTLE EXPLORERS    June 12-15    9am-12pm
An adventure begins when you walk out the door!  Spend time looking for animal signs, searching for insects, watching for birds and peeking at plants.  Using tools for budding naturalists, we’ll explore all the natural areas of ALNC!

1B. HATCHLINGS & SPROUTS    June 12-15    1pm-4pm
Discover what it’s like to be a small animal in a big world! We’ll visit the woods, fields and wet places to find and observe living plant and animal babies.

June 12-15 Lunch Bunch  |  June 12-15 Extended Day

2A. IMAGI-NATURE    June 19-22    9am-12pm
Use your imagination while discovering all about nature! Each day we’ll transform ourselves into everything from pioneers to prairie animals using costumes, props and the great outdoors.

2B. THE POND AND BEYOND    June 19-22    1pm-4pm
Peek into our pond and discover many different creatures as we explore their watery, mucky world. Learn about the turtles, bugs, frogs and fish that call our pond home.

June 19-22 Lunch Bunch  |  June 19-22 Extended Day

3A. UNDER THE TOADSTOOLS    June 26-29    9am-12pm
Come explore all the magical places at ALNC!  We’ll learn about fairies, elves, gnomes and mushrooms.  We will read stories, build homes, play games and create art inspired by our small-sized friends.

3B. FUN IN THE FOREST    June 26-29    1pm-4pm
Forests are fabulous places and home to many plants and animals.  From the canopy to the forest floor, we’ll learn all about trees, leaves and everything they provide.

June 26-29 Lunch Bunch  |  June 26-29 Extended Day

4A. CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?    July 3-6*    9am-12pm
Have you ever played hide and seek with animals? This game is fun for us, but for animals, it’s a matter of survival! Learn about the crazy costumes insects and animals of all kinds wear to disguise themselves!

4B. ANIMAL-OLOGY    July 3-6*    1pm-4pm
Do you love animals? Join us in this hands-on discovery of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects! Learn what makes each of them unique as we visit each habitat to learn about all the animals of nature.

July 3-6 Lunch Bunch  |   July 3-6 Extended Day
*No programming on July 4th

5A. NATURE DETECTIVES    July 10-13    9am-12pm
Secret sounds, sights and smells can tell you a lot about what happens in nature. Use your detective skills to search for clues to find the answer to one of nature’s many mysteries.

5B. ROCK STARS!    July 10-13    1pm-4pm
Rocks and minerals are all around us! Become an amateur geologist and explore some of the prehistoric creatures that roamed the earth. You’ll also get to make your own crystal and begin your very own rock collection.

July 10-13 Lunch Bunch  |  July 10-13 Extended Day

6A. BUGS! BUGS! BUGS!    July 17-20    9am-12pm
Do you love bugs? We’ll learn about bugs and other crawling critters while leaving no log unturned, no web un-admired.  You’ll buzz with excitement as we get an up-close look at these six-legged wonders and their friends.

6B. THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME    July 17-20    1pm-4pm
Home is where the heart is.  What if you lived in a tree? In the pond?  Underground?  What would you build your home of, and where?  Search for all shapes and sizes of animal homes and then try to build some yourself!

July 17-20 Lunch Bunch  |  July 17-20 Extended Day

7A. BIRDS OF A FEATHER    July 24-27    9am-12pm
Fly through the prairie, pond and forest in search of our feathered friends!  We’ll practice our bird songs, look for bird babies, play games about beaks and discover all about birds, both large and small.

7B. PLANT-TASTIC!   July 24-27   1pm-4pm
This camp is all about growing! We’ll plant and water, make a plant print, take home a homemade Chia Pet, learn how plants drink water, run through the sprinkler, dig in the dirt, and learn about worms. (Please send a swimsuit or clothes to get wet!)

July 24-27 Lunch Bunch |  July 24-27 Extended Day

8A. DIGGING DINOSAURS    July 31-Aug 3    9am-12pm
Do you dig dinosaurs?  Learn about some of these fantastic ancient animals and meet today’s living ancestors of these extinct species.

8B. SQUIGGLY WIGGLY    July 31-Aug 3    1pm-4pm
Can you wiggle like a worm? Can you squiggle? Can you squirm? From worms and roly poly bugs to snakes and spiders, we’ll meet and learn about all the friendly wigglers and crawlers of ALNC!

July 31-Aug 3 Lunch Bunch  |  July 31-Aug 3 Extended Day

9A. DOODLEBUGS    August 7-10    9am-12pm
If animals inspire your budding artist, then join us for a week of creativity.  We’ll go on discovery hikes, learn all about animals and reflect on what we see through art projects.  We will experiment with paint, clay and recycled materials.

9B. SENSATIONAL SENSES    August 7-10    1pm-4pm
Put your senses to the test and see how you compare to other animals in nature. You can practice seeing like an eagle, smelling like a mole, and hearing like a bat. We’ll also enjoy making a variety of sensory art to take home.

Aug 7-10 Lunch Bunch  |  Aug 7-10 Extended Day

10A. WET & WILD    August 14-17    9am-12pm
Water is nifty and what lives there is cool. Come discover what lives in our “pool”! Examine pond life and give fishing a whirl.  Be prepared to get wet as we play and learn.  Let the magic unfurl!

10B. WILD CHILD    August 14-17    1pm-4pm
Who let the wild childs out!?  We’ll howl, growl, flop, hop, squawk and squeal as we venture through the prairie, pond and forest.  Build forts in the woods, hide in the prairie grass, splash on the shore and search for all things wild and wonderful.

Aug 14-17 Lunch Bunch  |   Aug 14-17 Extended Day

11A. UNDERGROUND ADVENTURES    August 21-24    9am-12pm
An exciting world lies beneath the leaves and soil! We’ll dig in the dirt, learn about worms, tunnels, caves and search for groundhogs and gophers.

11B. THINGS WITH WINGS    August 21-24    1pm-4pm
From butterflies to birds, flying animals come in all shapes and sizes. We’ll hike to the pond, prairie and woodlands to observe many things with wings!

Aug 21-24 Lunch Bunch  |  Aug 21-24 Extended Day

12A. PRAIRIE MAGIC    August 28-31    9am-12pm
The prairie can be such a magical place, with the wind blowing through and the animals peeking out of their homes. We will prance through the prairie and discover all that a prairie has to offer.

12B.  JAWS, CLAWS, TALONS & PAWS    August 28-31    1pm-4pm
Many predators have special adaptations that help them catch their prey.  We’ll learn about the special tools these animals need to survive as we search high a low for signs of Nature’s circle of life!

Aug 28-31 Lunch Bunch  |  Aug 28-31 Extended Day


SINGLE DAY HALF DAY (Friday) OPTIONS: $30/session
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1G. ITSY BITSY SPIDER    June 16    9am-12pm
Is your spidey-sense ready for action?  Come get caught in a web of fascinating facts about spiders while playing, exploring and making spidery crafts.

1H. MEET THE BEETLES    June 16    1pm-4pm
Goliath, Tiger, Firefly and Dung—it’s best to start learning about beetles while you are young!  From cockroaches to ladybugs, we’re sure to have a blast.

June 16 Lunch Bunch   |  June 16 Extended Day

2G. SPLISH SPLASH    June 23    9am-12pm
Water is our planet’s most precious resource and not just because it’s great fun to play in!  Learn all about water with games, songs and a water carnival.  Bring your swimsuit and be prepared to get wet!

2H. WORM SQUIRM    June 23    1pm-4pm
Wriggle into the world of worms!  Explore a worm tunnel, learn to worm grunt and get creative while making worm art.

June 23 Lunch Bunch   |  June 23 Extended Day

3G. SLOW & STEADY    June 30    9am-12pm
What shell we learn about this week? “Scute” on over to ALNC, and we’ll turtle-ly egg you on until you come out of your shell! Shell-ebrate and learn all about turtles as we explore the shore for these creatures and their kin.

3H. SEEDS & SOIL    June 30    1pm-4pm
Seeds, soil and sun are the words for today.  We’ll search in the soil, take apart seeds to look inside and learn what all plants need to grow.  Take home a living locket and watch it grow!

June 30 Lunch Bunch   |  June 23 Extended Day

4G. ANTSY PANTSY    July 7    9am-12pm
Ants are amazing.  Acquire astounding answers to all ant absurdities.  Absorb absolutely awesome antics and accomplish amusing activities.

4H. TADPOLE TROOPERS    July 7    1pm-4pm
Discover life in, on and around the pond.  While searching for tadpoles, we may also discover turtles, bugs, muskrats and herons—oh my!

July 7 Lunch Bunch   |  July 7 Extended Day

5G. SNAILED IT!    July 14    9am-12pm
Come join the gastropod squad!  Snails are the slow-moving topic of choice today.  Snaggletooth, pouch, orb, gilled—you’ll leave with your brain filled, I say.  We’ll search for snails high and low, but won’t eat any escargot!

5H. CHICKADEE DOO DAH    July 14    1pm-4pm
They don’t sing doo-dah, but they do sing!  Chickadees may be tiny birds but their songs fill the air all year long.  Discover the fascinating world of these black-capped singers.

July 14 Lunch Bunch   |   July 14 Extended Day

6G. LITTLE GARDENERS    July 21    9am-12pm
Get out your garden gloves and watering cans!  Discover the life of a seed and how plants grow.  There will be plenty of digging in the dirt so make sure to wear your gardening clothes!

6H. MILKWEED & MONARCHS    July 21    1pm-4pm
Flutter through our milkweed patch to discover tiny monarch eggs, caterpillars or chrysalises and learn about life cycles and migration.  Discover why milkweed is important and take some seeds home to plant.

July 21 Lunch Bunch   |  July 21 Extended Day

7G. YUCK!    July 28    9am-12pm
Explore the grosser side of nature.  No stone shall be left unturned; no log unrolled in our quest to find scat, worms, frogs, decomposers, fungus and slime that will leave you absolutely awfully amazed.

7H. THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR    July 28    1pm-4pm
The famous book by Eric Carle is our inspiration to learn all about caterpillars and what they eat and how they grow!  We’ll search for caterpillars as well as what and how they eat!

July 28 Lunch Bunch   |  July 28 Extended Day

8G. RAINBOW OF FUN    August 4    9am-12pm
Colors abound as we explore the colorful world of nature!  Experiment with light to make a rainbow with water, make a kaleidoscope and see how many different colors we can discover in nature!

8H. MOLES & HOLES    August 4    1pm-4pm
A life underground has its rewards!  Come learn all about moles and the digging they do as we unearth some fascinating facts about these animals.

Aug 4 Lunch Bunch   |  Aug 4 Extended Day

9G. NEST FEST    August 11    9am-12pm
Come join us for a nest fest!  Build a bird nest, search high and low for real bird nests and guess what lives inside them.  We’ll have so much fun, you’ll never want to fledge!

9H. HOP TIL YOU DROP!     August 11    1pm-4pm
Hop on over to ALNC to learn all about the bouncing and bounding animals in nature.  We’ll learn about rabbits and frogs and even do some hopping ourselves!

Aug 11 Lunch Bunch   |  Aug 11 Extended Day

10G. CREATE!     August 18    9am-12pm
Calling all artists and creative kids!  We’ll gather supplies from nature and create amazing art from pine cones, leaves and mud!

10H. GOODNESS SNAKES ALIVE      August 18    1pm-4pm
Snakes slither and slide, but they’re not slimy! Learn to love our friends without feet by discovering where they live, what they eat and how they move. You’ll also delve into the world of other reptiles and learn what makes them unique.

Aug 18 Lunch Bunch   |   Aug 18 Extended Day

11G. LITTLE LUNKERS    August 25    9am-12pm
Something fishy is going on!  We’ll dive deep into the lives of fish while we explore the pond and marsh.  If you are can think of a better way to spend a day, let minnow!

11H. WILD WILD SUNFLOWER CHILD    August 25    1pm-4pm
Smell the flowers and head outside to play and observe! Make leaf and flower crowns, play hide and seek in the prairie and plant a seed to bring home and care for.

Aug 25 Lunch Bunch   |   Aug 25 Extended Day

12G. TUNE INTO NATURE    September 1    9am-12pm
Sounds abound in nature so get ready to hear the “symphony” with your ears.  Warm up your singing voice and practice your musical talents for a terrific tune-full experience.

12H. SLUG LIFE    September 1    1pm-4pm
“Slime flies” and summer is almost over, but there’s still time to learn about one last thing– Snails and slugs!  We’ll search the garden and woods for these slimy critters and learn about their world until it’s time to say ‘see you next slime’!

Sep 1 Lunch Bunch  |  Sep 1 Extended Day