summer camps

Summer Camps

Tadpoles (5-6 year olds) 2017

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  • HALF DAY (Monday- Thursday) OPTIONS

–  Full Week Package (includes Lunch Bunch*): $325 ($260 for week of July 4th)
–  Half Day (Monday – Thursday) Session:
$120 (*$90 for week of July 4th)
–  Half Day (Friday) Session: $30
–  Lunch Bunch* (Monday – Thursday): $40
–  Lunch Bunch* (Friday only): $10.00
–  Extended Day: Runs from 8:00-9:00am (New for 2017!) and 4-5:30pm each day. You can drop off and pick up your child anytime within those windows. Activities during Extended Day include free choice of arts and crafts, reading, games, and/or additional outdoor time.

  • Child– AM & PM: M-F = $100
  • Child– AM only: M-F = $40
  • Child– PM only: M-F = $60
  • Child– AM only: Mon-Thur. = $32
  • Child– PM only: Mon-Thur. = $48
  • Child– AM & PM: Friday = $20
  • Child– AM only: Friday = $8
  • Child– PM only: Friday = $12**

* ALNC does not provide a lunch. We provide a morning and afternoon snack.
**Call (608)-216-9370 for pro-rated pricing for Extended Day single days other than Fridays ($8.00 AM; $12.00 PM).

FULL WEEK PACKAGE: $325/session
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Full week packages include C, D, I, and J camps for the corresponding week plus Lunch Bunch.

1P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  June 12-16   
Week 1 Extended Day         
2P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  June 19-23
Week 2 Extended Day
3P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  June 26-30
Week 3 Extended Day
4P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 3-7* (no camp on Tuesday, July 4)
Week 4 Extended Day
5P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 10–14
Week 5 Extended Day
6P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 17–21
Week 6 Extended Day
7P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 24–28
Week 7 Extended Day
8P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  July 31-August 4
Week 8 Extended Day
9P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 7–11
Week 9 Extended Day
10P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 14–18
Week 10 Extended Day
11P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 21–25
Week 11 Extended Day
12P. Full Week Package (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm):  August 28-Sept 1
Week 12 Extended Day

HALF DAY OPTIONS (Monday – Thursday): $120/session
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1C. BUGS & SLUGS    June 12-15    9am-12pm
Ant in an anthill, busy as a bee, butterflies in the meadow –so many bugs to see! Using insect nets, bug jars and magnifying lenses, we’ll get an up-close look at these six-legged wonders and their friends.

1D. ROOTS, SHOOTS, FLOWERS & FRUITS    June 12-15    1pm-4pm
From grass to flowers to trees, plants are all around us! We will learn about our sun-loving friends and even make a plant press!

June 12-15 Lunch Bunch  |  June 12-15 Extended Day

2C. HAPPY CAMPERS    June 19-22    9am-12pm
Learn all about being a happy camper! We’ll play camp games, make a no-cook snack, practice setting up a tent and being comfortable in the out-of-doors.

2D. AMPHIBIAN ADVENTURES    June 19-22    1pm-4pm
Discover the antics of these amazing amphibians! Search the prairie, pond and forest for frogs and their friends. What’s the difference between a tadpole and a polliwog? We’ll learn to identify common Wisconsin frogs by their call and conduct our very own “frog chorus.”

June 19-22 Lunch Bunch  |  June 19-22 Extended Day

3C. LITTLE SHACK IN THE WOODS I   June 26-29    9am-12pm
Share the world Laura Ingalls and her family may have experienced as they made a life in the woods. Experience life in the 1800’s – garden, help make dairy goods and learn about the trees and animals that roamed the woods of pioneer Wisconsin!

3D. HEY HO H2O!   June 26-29    1pm-4pm
Get ready to make a splash as we explore our ponds, streams, and wetlands. Learn to identify aquatic life and celebrate with a water festival on the final day.  Bring a swimsuit and be prepared to get wet!

June 26-29 Lunch Bunch  |  June 26-29 Extended Day

4C. ROY G. BIV   July 3-6*    9am-12pm
We’ll explore rainbows, clouds, colors, prisms and chromatography in this en”light”ening camp!  Discover how rainbows are made and conduct colorful experiments. 

4D. MAD SCIENTISTS    July 3-6*    1pm-4pm
The bigger the mess, the better! Come get wacky in the Mad Scientist Lab with hours of gooey, oozy fun. Includes a special appearance from our own mystery scientist!

July 3-6 Lunch Bunch  |   July 3-6 Extended Day
*No programming on July 4th

5C. DIG THIS!    July 10-13    9am-12pm
Join us to investigate soil and learn how it helps plants and trees grow. Prepare to get messy while we make mud pies, soil soup and many other fun art creations to bring home.

5D. DINOSAURS & DRAGONFLIES   July 10-13    1pm-4pm
Did you know that dragonflies used to have almost 3 foot wingspans and buzzed around during the time of dinosaurs? Travel back in time to discover dragonflies, damselflies, dinosaurs and other fascinating, prehistoric creatures.

July 10-13 Lunch Bunch  |  July 10-13 Extended Day

6C. BIRD BRAINS    July 17-20    9am-12pm
Learn about our wonderful feathered friends that call the forest, pond and prairie home! We’ll use binoculars to get a closer look, create a project to help birds, do a crane dance and more!

6D. UNSOLVED MYSTERIES    July 17-20    1pm-4pm
Uncovering the mysteries of nature will be your task during this fun-filled and eye-opening week. All you need is a curious mind and a willingness to explore! So grab your magnifying glass, microscope, and join the fun.

July 17-20 Lunch Bunch  |  July 17-20 Extended Day

7C. AQUA-PALOOZA    July 24-27    9am-12pm
Investigate the world of water! Explore the pond and marsh and learn what lives in and around them. We’ll also learn about the water cycle, wetlands and play water games.  Bring your swimsuit and be prepared to get wet!

7D. ART OF NATURE    July 24-27    1-4pm
Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, white and brown—nature’s colors are all around! We’ll create beautiful crafts using items we find in nature on our daily adventures.

July 24-27 Lunch Bunch |  July 24-27 Extended Day

8C. NATURE OLYMPICS    July 31-Aug 3    9am-12pm
How far can a frog jump, how fast can a deer run?  What about you?  We’ll test our skills and see how we compare in these friendly games.  Come join us for all the fun as we learn about these speedy sprinters, fast flappers, and long leapers!

8D. LITTLE SHACK IN THE WOODS II   July 31-Aug 3    1pm-4pm
Join us for a second week of pioneer adventures based on the world of Laura Ingalls! Play in the Children’s Shack and listen to stories, churn butter, learn pioneer games and discover all about pioneer Wisconsin! (activities will be similar to those done for camp 3C)

July 31-Aug 3 Lunch Bunch  |  July 31-Aug 3 Extended Day

9C. TALLGRASS TALES    August 7-10    9am-12pm
Let the tall grass tickle your nose as you discover the wonders of the prairie. Hear tales of the tallgrass prairie, search for groundhogs, bluebirds, snakes and flowers. We’ll even create our own “tallgrass tale” to remember our camp adventures.

9D. THE ENCHANTED FOREST    August 7-10    1pm-4pm
Join us for an enchanted adventure as we explore the magical places of ALNC!  We will read stories, build gnome homes and fairy houses, play games and create art inspired by our small-sized nature friends.

Aug 7-10 Lunch Bunch  |  Aug 7-10 Extended Day

10C. THE BONY BUNCH    August 14-17    9am-12pm
Reptiles, fish, mammals, birds and amphibians are the highlights of this bony bunch.  Learn about and meet animals with backbones that make up this bony bunch of vertebrates.

10D. INTO THE FOREST    August 14-17    1pm-4pm
There are many different types of forests, such as basswood and oak. Each is special in its own way. While exploring all the corners of ALNC’s forests, we will collect leaves, make forest art and search for the furry friends that live there.

Aug 14-17 Lunch Bunch  |   Aug 14-17 Extended Day

11C. I LIKE TO MOVE IT!    August 21-24    9am-12pm
There will be no sitting still in this camp!  Animals, clouds, water and sound are all constantly moving and we will be on the move as we observe them.  Slither, creep, crawl, hop, scamper and swoop to explore all types of movement!

11D. STORIES IN STONE   August 21-24    1pm-4pm
You can learn a lot from a rock! We will learn how rocks are made, about the different types of rocks and even create a special rock to bring home!

Aug 21-24 Lunch Bunch  |  Aug 21-24 Extended Day

12C. BUT WHERE WILL IT SLEEP?    August 28-31    9am-12pm
Calling all imaginative and ingenious kids!  Have you ever tried to convince your parents to let you bring home an animal you found outside?  If so, this camp is for you!  We’ll learn all about habitats and what an animal needs to survive.  We will end the camp in a dramatic performance based off Anne Mazer’s book The Salamander Room

12D.  ANIMAL SENSES    August 28-31    1pm-4pm
Experience the world through the senses of our wild neighbors.  Discover how a bat finds its food, a doe recognizes her fawn and how animals find their food, protect themselves and interact with others.

Aug 28-31 Lunch Bunch  |  Aug 28-31 Extended Day

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1I. KNOW IT OWLS    June 16    9am-12pm
Whooo me?  Yes you!  Join us for a day of learning all about owls and their fine feathered friends. Can you recognize the owl calls of Wisconsin’s owls?

1J. GRIN & BEAR IT    June 16    1pm-4pm
We’ll reveal the bear facts about these large mammals. Learn all about their amazing senses and how they protect themselves.  Beware: we will acquire an un”bear”able amount of knowledge today!

June 16 Lunch Bunch   |  June 16 Extended Day

2I. VERY BERRY    June 23    9am-12pm
Mulberries and raspberries ripen in summer at ALNC!  Come learn all about these fruits, have a fresh summer snack and create a craft using natural dyes made from berries.

2J. WEEVIL KNIEVEL    June 23    1pm-4pm
See a weevil, hear a weevil and speak of weevils (and all sorts of other beetles)!  Join us if you dare!  We’ll race through the prairie on the hunt for weevils and beetles of all shapes and sizes!  It’s the lesser of two weevils!

June 23 Lunch Bunch   |  June 23 Extended Day

3I. GETTIN’ SQUIRRELLY    June 30    9am-12pm
We’re nuts for squirrels!  From flying squirrels to gray squirrels, learn all about these furry forest friends.  We’ll practice finding hidden acorns and identifying their nests.

3J. COCOON IN JUNE    June 30    1pm-4pm
Cocoons are the topic of choice today. We’ll learn about caterpillars and butterflies while we play. Games and crafts, stories and songs; we’ll search outside too—please come along!

June 30 Lunch Bunch   |  June 23 Extended Day

4I. CRAY-CRAY!    July 7    9am-12pm
Rusty, Calico, Dwarf and Blue—we go crazy for crayfish and you should, too!  We’ll pinch for knowledge and we explore the watery world of swimmerets, carapaces, exoskeletons and all things crustacean!

4J. WIND IN YOUR SAILS    July 7    1pm-4pm
Wind is air in motion.  Learn how wind happens, what makes it blow, what travels with it and how to measure it!  We’ll conduct some experiments to see how far seeds and others can go on a windy or not-so-windy day!

July 7 Lunch Bunch   |  July 7 Extended Day

5I. HOW TWEET IT IS   July 14    9am-12pm
Blue jays squawk, crows caw and cranes croak!  Birds use these calls to send messages to other birds.  We’ll practice our bird songs and listening skills to learn several bird calls of common birds at ALNC!

5J. MAGICAL MONARCHS    July 14    1pm-4pm
There’s so much to learn about the magical life cycle of the monarch! Search for monarch eggs, caterpillars or chrysalises and watch as they grow.  Discover why milkweed is important and take some seeds home to start your own milkweed patch.

July 14 Lunch Bunch   |   July 14 Extended Day

6I. THAR SHE BLOWS!    July 21    9am-12pm
Eruptions abound is this explosive camp!  We’ll learn all about volcanoes, how and why they erupt and even create our own volcanic eruptions.

6J. MARSH MARCH    July 21    1pm-4pm
Marshes are great places to march around in!  Keep your eyes peeled for muskrats, frogs, toads, turtles and fish as we stomp through the soggy soil of ALNC’s marsh!

July 21 Lunch Bunch   |  July 21 Extended Day

7I. CRANE-IACS   July 28    9am-12pm
Become a Crane-iac at ALNC!  Use your brain to learn all about these special birds and their behavior.  We’ll make crane crafts, do a crane dance and much, much more!

7J. MAP QUEST    July 28    1pm-4pm
Join us for an old fashioned treasure hunt!  We’ll learn how to read a map and head out to search for hidden treasures spread throughout the ALNC grounds.

July 28 Lunch Bunch   |  July 28 Extended Day

8I. SLOW & STEADY    August 4    9am-12pm
Turtles may be slow on land, but they can move quickly in the water.  We’ll search for turtles and their reptilian relatives in the pond and marsh, make a turtle craft and see one up close!

8J. GET A WHIFF!    August 4    1pm-4pm
This scent-sational camp is all about smells!  You smell with your nose, but did you know that some animals use other body parts to smell?  We’ll learn about all sorts of smelly facts and the science of smell.

Aug 4 Lunch Bunch   |  Aug 4 Extended Day

9I. NATURALLY FUN   August 11    9am-12pm
Come play with us!  Nature provides all we need for a morning of fun and exploration.  We’ll build forts, play camouflage games and spend the day on an outdoor adventure.

9J. SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT    August 11    1pm-4pm
Crows are known for their loud noises that warn us they are near. But did you know that these social birds are smart, too? We’ll learn about the world of crows, ravens, magpies and jays.

Aug 11 Lunch Bunch   |  Aug 11 Extended Day

10I. HABITAT SAFARI     August 18    9am-12pm
Grab your binoculars, put on your vest and get ready for adventure! Come join us on this safari as we explore the different habitats of ALNC! We’ll search for hidden animals, creep through the tall grass and sneak through the sumac!

10J. WILDLY CREATIVE      August 18    1pm-4pm
Join us to create beautiful art using nature as our inspiration. We’ll have a rainbow of fun! We’ll adventure outdoors to gather clay, twigs, flowers and rocks to create beautiful art from nature.

Aug 18 Lunch Bunch   |   Aug 18 Extended Day

11I. WOOLY BEARS    August 25    9am-12pm
Can caterpillars predict the weather?  Where do these fuzzy insects come from and what do they turn into?  Learn all about wooly bear caterpillars, Isabella moths and their family of insects.

11J. CRAZY CRITTERS    August 25    1pm-4pm
From leaf-nosed bats and star-nosed moles to blobfish and pig-nosed frogs, there sure are a lot of strange critters out there!  We’ll learn about a few of them as well as some of the animal oddities found at ALNC.

Aug 25 Lunch Bunch   |   Aug 25 Extended Day

12I. MOON LANDING    September 1    9am-12pm
Blast off on a space adventure!  Learn all about Earth’s moon as we prepare for our launch into space.  We’ll pack our bags and our young astronauts will land at ALNC’s Science on a Sphere for a morning of moon exploration.

12J. NIGHTTIME NEIGHBORS    September 1    1pm-4pm
Ever wondered why you don’t see some animals during the day? Come learn about the special adaptations of nocturnal animals like bats, owls and fireflies and what they do while we’re asleep.

Sep 1 Lunch Bunch  |  Sep 1 Extended Day