Our facility will be closed on Thursday, July 4th, and Friday, July 5th in observance of the Fourth of July holiday.
Our building will reopen to the public at 10am on Saturday, July 6th.

As always, our grounds and trails featuring self-guided tours are free and open daily from dawn until dusk.

Our facility is open on weekdays from 9am to 4pm and on weekends from 10am to 2pm.

As always, our grounds and trails featuring self-guided tours are free and open daily from dawn until dusk.

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Changes to Membership

Starting January 1, 2023, membership will no longer include early registration or discounts, but will be a way to annually support this and future generations’ engagement with nature.* Nature continuously adapts and evolves, and we are always learning and adapting as well. Membership at ALNC is not intended to be a barrier to environmental education, but with how quickly programs have been filling up, it has become one. No family should have to pay extra for the chance to register their child for our programs.

With continued work in diversity, equity, and inclusion, we continue to find ways to improve access to ALNC programming for ALL. Our current membership benefits of early registration and discounts create exclusive access that takes the focus away from what ALNC membership is at its heart: a way to support children’s environmental education.


Creating deep-rooted connections between children and nature occurs because of an entire community of people.

The largest benefit of an ALNC membership is leaning into a community focused on purposeful interactions between children and nature. Currently, over a third of expenses are covered by donations, including memberships. ALNC receives no annual local government funding, so your support has a real impact on the quality of our programming. Together, our staff and supporters are already a force in our community, subsidizing over $50,000 a year in programming costs for those who need it.

Join us building a community driven to keeping children engaged with nature as a vital part of every day. Together, we can empower ALL to protect, respect, and enjoy the natural world.


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“We love ALNC and have had so much fun hiking there the last few years with our young boys.”
– Amy, Member and Vacation Day Parent

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Or $109/month


A Month of Tuition at Aldo Leopold Nature Preschool

Science has found that the earlier a child builds a connect with nature, the more likely that child is to grow and sustain a connection with the natural world into adulthood. Your annual gift could give a preschool-aged child the opportunity to sprout a connection with nature… a connection that could last their entire life.


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Or $57/month


A Weeklong Backbacking Trip

Nature immersion is one of the best ways to develop a connect to the natural world and camping trips are perhaps one of the best ways teenagers can experience the Great Outdoors. Your annual gift could provide a young adult with the trip of a lifetime, backpacking and canoeing in the Midwest’s best natural areas.


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Or $31/month


A Full Week of Summer Camp

The more time a child spends in nature, the higher the likelihood they will develop a lifelong relationship with the natural world AND develop into a well-adjusted adult. Your annual gift could give a child the opportunity to spend a week at summer camp… providing them a space to connect with other children, outside, in nature.


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A Week of After-School with Transportation

After a long school day, children need a space to be with out children to work out any pent up energy and learn how to socialize. Your annual gift could provide an elementary-school-aged child with the opportunity to make new friends and connect with others in nature during our after-school program.


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A Full Vacation Day

When children have off of school, busy parents/caregivers need a solution that will engage children in healthy and meaningful ways. Your annual gift can provide a child with a full day of nature education and play on the days off of school.


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*Membership rates effective August 30, 2022


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