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Our Programs

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Engage your imagination as you travel through time and explore planet Earth as the astronauts see it—suspended in orbit 22,000 miles above its surface! Explore global temperatures from prehistory through the future and see how they shape our planet! Innovate and discover your inner “green inventor” as you learn about cutting-edge renewable energy solutions! Imagine a sustainable future and take a step to making it a reality by contributing your observational data to national citizen science databases!

All these eco-adventures and more await you in the Aldo Leopold Nature Center’s exciting exhibits and programming on renewable energy, climate science, and sustainability. Combined with our “high-touch” outdoor programs, our “high-tech” offerings use multimedia exhibits and interactive programming, including digital, visual, hands-on, and immersive experiences for all ages.

Exhibits are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm
and on Saturdays & Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm

This includes members, non-members, adults, children, senior citizens, and military personnel.

We recently completed a strategic planning process, which is resulting in some exciting updates in and around the Aldo Leopold Nature Center. For example, we are undergoing some facility arrangements that will help us better fulfill our mission and programming needs. As we enter our busy spring field trip and summer camp seasons, we will be deconstructing several large exhibit displays to free up floor space for more flexible teaching spaces.


Walk-in visitors, along with program participants and students, will continue to have access to our interactive theaters, our digital touchscreen curriculum, renewable energy displays, and our hands-on Leopold Family Phenology Center, along with our lobby Nature Nooks and our outdoor interpretive trails. Plus, we will continue improving drop-in and self-guided offerings for our visitors, including re-vamped Family Trailside Backpacks, identification guides and trail maps, and educational merchandise geared towards connecting and engaging visitors and families with our local habitats, flora, and fauna.


And, using our grounds, phenology, Leopold teachings, and interactive multimedia curricula, we are continuing to integrate age-appropriate climate change education across our programming to help children understand these impacts, how their actions affect the environment, and how they can enact solutions to ecological challenges.


Explore galaxies far away and nature close to home in the Aldo Leopold Nature Center Exhibit Area!

Exhibits include:


  • Science on a SphereScience On a Sphere: a high definition global projection system displaying NOAA & NASA planetary data onto a six-foot diameter sphere to illustrate Earth System science.
  • Madison Gas & Electric Renewable Energy Center ExhibitMadison Gas & Electric Renewable Energy Center: a dynamic digital program that allows visitors to learn about available alternative and efficient energy technology. Click here to find out more about local efforts to promote renewable energy sources.
  • Nina Leopold Bradley Phenology CenterNina Leopold Bradley Phenology Center: a combination interactive exhibit and phenology program that tells the story of the Leopold Family. Here, visitors can become citizen scientists by observing, collecting and analyzing data about the natural world —just like Aldo Leopold!
  • Kids’ Climate Cast brought to you by WKOW- TV 27Kids’ Climate Cast brought to you by
    WKOW- TV 27:
    a green-screen studio where visiting students and families can apply what they have learned about weather, energy and nature to create their own weather and climate forecast for family and friends.
  • AL_002 175Immersion Theater: This dynamic theater allows us to engage visitors in seamless interactive tours from the edge of the universe to the tiniest details on Earth, provoking questions regarding the nature of the universe and our role in protecting our fragile planet – our little blue marble.