Due to the extreme cold and COVID precautions,
the Wonder Bugs program is cancelled Wednesday, Jan. 26th.


We invite you out for a hike to explore the magic of the natural world, our trails are free and open daily from dawn until dusk.

We ask that all staff and visitors follow our mask policy to help keep everyone safe and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Please contact us with questions at

*Please note our facility’s date of reopen to the public is based on public health recommendations and other factors.

Sprouts (4 year olds)




Summer Camp registration opens for members at noon on Friday, February 25th and to the general public at noon on Monday, February 28th.

Members! Please check your membership status prior to Members Weekend to help ease any difficulty registering for Summer Camps.

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It is our goal to be inclusive and representative of our diverse community and to assist all families in enrolling, registering, and attending environmental education programs at ALNC. Families of ALL abilities, backgrounds, communities, income-levels, neighborhoods, and other societal structures are encouraged to register for Summer Camps at ALNC.

In an effort to be inclusive of our diverse community of varied backgrounds, ALNC reserves the right to hold space for families in financial need and/or who speak English as a second language.

We’re grateful for the ability to continue to offer Summer Camp programs for your children. Our camps and other programs include adaptations to help ensure the safety of everyone, including emphasis on handwashing, minimizing personal contact, minimizing time indoors and monitoring health of staff and students. As health and safety guidelines continue to evolve in regards to COVID-19, we work in conjunction with and in adherence with our local public health authorities, and, as always, in accordance with Wisconsin’s Department of Children & Families.

Adaptations last summer included the following and these precautions may be implemented this summer as needed.

  • Curbside drop-off and pick-up by age group. Curbside drop-off is 8:30-8:45am and pick-up is 3:30-3:45pm. Parents are to stay in their vehicles at all times unless there are tears and the camper needs help with the transition. If you need to leave your vehicle to escort your camper to their group, a mask is required for all adults that enter the group, so please have one available if needed. ALNC will conduct a Verbal Health Screening. Our staff will conduct curbside check-in and check-out during these times only. If you must drop-off or pick-up outside these windows, please contact (608) 221-0404 x0.
  • Groups will not co-mingle and assigned ALNC staff will only work with their individual group to reduce as many transitions/contacts as possible.
  • Outdoor handwashing stations will be available throughout the ALNC grounds. Campers will wash hands upon arrival, in between activities, before and after snacks and meals, and before departing. Staff will carry hand sanitizer to use as appropriate if a handwashing station isn’t nearby. 
  • Please expect and prepare your camper to be outside at all times as long as weather permits. We expect to use inside spaces only in the event of inclement weather (thunder, lightning, heat in excess of 90 degrees) and for bathroom breaks, filling water, etc.
  • ALNC staff will provide spray-on sunscreen (minimum spf 30) and bug spray (both deet-free and 10% deet). We will not apply from individual bottles brought from home this year to reduce contact. 4-6 year olds are not allowed to bring their own sunscreen (SS) and bug spray (BS) as they cannot keep with their belongings. We will not have our staff carry campers’ SS or BS, but will apply the spray-on option provided. Ages 7+ can bring their own SS and BS as long as they can apply themselves and keep with their belongings. ALNC staff will also have spray-on options available. Parents are encouraged to help their children apply SS and BS before arriving to camp each morning. Staff will reapply at lunch and as needed.

Campers should bring:

  • Backpack.
  • Lunch.
  • Refillable Water bottle. Drinking fountains will not be used for sanitary reasons, but places to fill water bottles will be available.
  • Mask with a baggie to keep in (extra masks are recommended). ALNC is requiring masks be worn inside the building as well as recommending them anytime physical distancing cannot be maintained outside. Please prepare your camper for this as well as let them know that staff will also be wearing masks at drop-off and at other times inside and out.
  • Comfortable shoes that can get wet.
  • Full change of clothes, including layers for all weather and a raincoat as needed.
  • Baggie containing: markers and/or crayons and a pencil and/or pen. If you do not have a supply or access to these at home, ALNC can provide an individual baggie for your camper.
  • Please discuss physical distancing with your camper before they arrive. ALNC staff will share guidelines at the beginning of camp, but it will be helpful if children are already aware and mindful.
  • Please label each item clearly with camper’s name.

Campers should avoid bringing:

  • Any small trinkets, toys, etc.
  • Anything else easily lost or meant to be shared (pokemon cards, legos, etc).
  • Hand sanitizer, SS and BS, if they are under age 7. ALNC staff will have these available and carry them for campers to use. Younger campers cannot have access to hand sanitizer, SS and BS in their bags due to licensing restrictions.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy:

If ALNC cancels a program due to COVID-19:

  • You will be contacted by an ALNC staff to ask your refund preference.
  • You may request a full refund, a credit towards future programs, or donate your program fees.
  • If you do not respond with a preference by a specified date, ALNC will issue you a credit (good for future programming) less a 15% administrative fee.

Cancellation Policy:*

Please notify us of any cancellations at least 7 days before the program. If you inform us:

  • At least 1 month in advance, we will provide a refund (minus 15% administrative fee) or transfer you to an alternate session if available.
  • At least 2 weeks in advance, we will issue you a voucher (minus 15% administrative fee) or transfer you to an alternate session if available.
  • Any cancellations or non-attendance less than 2 weeks beforehand will result in a full charge of the class fee.

Cancellation policy may change due to COVID-19.



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