All programs and events are canceled until further notice*, but our trails remain free and open to the public daily from dawn until dusk.

*Please note our facility’s date of reopen is based on public health recommendations and other factors.

With information changing rapidly, we thank you for your patience as we determine the right course of action.

Please stay tuned and do not hesitate to contact us with questions at Thank you.


Explore the natural world with us…virtually!

Even though much of life seems to have stopped or slowed down, nature continues on. Engage with us and explore the natural world through these virtual field trips and discover what is happening on the grounds at ALNC.

Please note: The children featured in these videos are children of the Environmental Educators. If you plan to visit Aldo Leopold Nature Center, or any public space, and partake in activities such as these, please be sure to follow all public health guidelines and practice safe social distancing. Thank you.

Living Underneath

Which species will we find living underneath?!? Milliepedes, centipedes and sow bugs!
Discover the isopods we found hiding beneath logs at ALNC.

Spring Pond Dip

Dragonfly nymphs, damselfly nymphs, backswimmers, a bullfrog tadpole and even a snail!
Discover something interesting about each of these species and then sing along with us as we learn the different parts of an insect.

Earthworm Exploration

I found some worms!’
Discover what that smooth ring around an earthworm is called, what it’s purpose is and if the earthworms you find in your backyard garden are male, female or … both??

Aldo Leopold Nature Center